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            Dear friends:

            Welcome to 100Biotech, and to our team of professionals and excellence!

            To a common sense, life science has staged as a key role into the 21st Century. This specific area has to an enormous extent determined our potentials for resolving various complicated problems in medical researches, which require strict capabilities in profound command of and proficiency in its modern technologies. More importantly, an integration of an array of relevant technologies has been largely needed in modern time, in order to give solutions to a dense volume of medical research challenges. As a matter of fact, however, it is of far less probability for an independent laboratory to carry out all researches, let alone to gain positions of top level.

            The 100Biotech endeavours to integrate laboratories with widely focussed research areas, and is capable of providing once-and-for-all research services in both scientific consulting and technical supports. Such package of services can therefore save you from the bustling daily lives and greatly help dedicate in putting forward invaluable research ideas. That is how we have been existed for you! Also of significance, such divisive as well as collaborative mode can not only speed up the development of, but is also more efficient and effective in taking up medical researches.

            Our vision is to lead in the area of medical research and to improve our health. Let us endeavour for miracles!

            Respectfully yours,

            Linc Guo


            100Biotech Co., Ltd.








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